Ted – Review

Thanks to Ted every man around the world is now talking to teddy bears!

When I first heard that Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, was masterminding his first feature film involving a talking teddy bear that swears a lot, I honestly thought it would result in an instant comedy classic – and I was not disappointed.

Ted tells the story of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) who, as a young boy, wishes his teddy bear would come alive so that he could have a friend. Well in true fairy tale fashion, his wish comes true, and a friendship forms unlike any other.

Twenty-five years pass and still the two are inseparable, despite Ted (Seth MacFarlane) having found worldwide fame and then lost it, and John, now in a loving relationship with Lori Collins (Mila Kunis), unsure of his life’s direction. But when there’s a talking teddy bear, carnage is not far behind, and these two end up on a journey that neither had expected.

Ted promises to send you on an hysterical, whirl-wind adventure full of sex, drugs, and bad language that will have you crying with laughter from start to finish, as well as show you the true value of love and friendship that will have you watching it again and again.

Ted is a comedy classic that must be seen to be believed.