Olee Sleep 10-inch King Memory Foam Mattress Review

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A mattress is a piece of bedding used for sleeping. Memory foam mattresses are special types of mattresses that are sensitive to pressure and temperature. The source of memory foam mattresses is conducted in a very big way. In the 70s, NASA was working on manned rockets. Unmanned Rockets G excessive force on astronauts, which can damage the astronaut. NASA scientists were trying to develop a material that was breathable and molded itself astronaut’s body to reduce G-forces astronaut.buy mattress from online store

They developed a polyurethane foam material having the property of viscoelasticity and could be used for the purpose. Although polyurethane foam was never used in the space program, which came to be used in bedding and pillows later. The matter is classified into three states solid, liquid and gas. Viscoelastic materials are materials which exhibit the properties of solids and liquids. The polyurethane foam used in memory foam mattresses because of its property of viscoelasticity. Memory foam mattresses are able to distribute pressure evenly and are able to return to its original shape when pressure is removed. Memory foam mattresses form depending on the pressure and temperature of the person’s body to provide support and smoothness. Mattresses are soft or firm.

There are 3 positions where humans sleep, – back, stomach and side. People use more than one sleeping position. Firm mattresses are recommended for people who sleep in the back and stomach, as soft mattresses can damage the back due to the unnatural angles. For those who sleep on the sides, soft mattresses are recommended. Memory foam mattresses are a firm commitment and soft mattresses. They are suitable for all people. The manufacturers claim memory foam mattress to sleep on a memory foam mattress feels like sleeping on a cloud. Memory foam mattresses are recommended for people with back problems, arthritis, bone, and joint problems, spondylitis, etc. Studies have shown that people sleep better on a memory foam mattress. They are available in many sizes as single, double queen, king, California queen, California king, and super king sizes. Some memory foam mattresses doubles have a softer side and a firmer appearance to suit the needs of the limited partners.mattress is the most important thing in bedroom

The usual thickness of the memory foam mattress is 5 inches. Some mattresses memory foam padding used in the upper layer of one to two inches thick at regular mattresses. Memory foam mattresses begin at around $ 500 and are available up to $ 2,000. Before buying a mattress, it is recommended that the buyer tests by lying on the mattress for at least 10 minutes, also don’t forget to read the mattress reviews on Foam Globes, it is a very good resource to get the latest and best mattress manufacturer information. Lie on your back. If your finger passes through the lower back very easily, then the mattress is too firm. If there is not, then the mattress is too soft. If turning around the mattress is difficult that means the mattress is too soft. The smoothness and firmness of the mattress depending on the density of the foam used in the mattress. As the density increases the price of the mattress increases. In almost a third of our life is spent sleeping, it is best to invest in a good memory foam mattress.

Olee Sleep 10-inch King Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Olee Sleep 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size measures 76 inches by 80 inches by 10 inches and weighs 98.6lbs. The manufacturer’s recommended retail is $549.00 although, purchased online, at Amazon, you can expect to pay the current price of $244.99. This is an excellent saving of 41%. When it is first delivered it will have been packaged into a tightly compressed roll. It takes around 48 hours for it to become fully expanded. The prime reason people buy memory foam mattresses is for their comfort factor. However, the manufacturing process ensures that memory foam mattresses are fire retardant. They also have inherent antimicrobial properties as well as being resistant to dust mites.

Olee Sleep 10-inch King Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10-inch King Memory Foam Mattress

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The core base of the Olee Sleep 10-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is 7 inches, providing both support and comfort. It is the top 3 inches, however, that provides the supreme comfort of the ‘Sure Temp’ characteristic that enables people to enjoy a comfortable sleeping temperature. This is achieved through an open-cell technology that encourages greatly enhanced airflow through the air pockets, enabling it to dissipate any build-up of heat. Finally, it is covered with a complete circular knit luxury mattress cover that completely encloses the memory foam.

The Olee Sleep 10-inch Sure Temp is covered with a full 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. Another added benefit customers noticed: this was that lack of the smell that is often associated with foam products, even when they first opened the packaging that their new mattress was delivered in. Another benefit that is associated with it is that, despite the immense comfort the mattress is to sleep on, it is also quite firm, making it possible to sit on the edge of the bed. All memory foam mattresses are measured according to Indentation Force Deflection, or ILD rating. It measures between 12 – 14 on an ILD rating scale.Olee Sleep 10-inch King Memory Foam Mattress features

The Indentation Force Deflection is a rating that measures the amount the memory foam is capable of being compressed, the ultimate result revealing how comfortable each rating is. The rate operates between a scale of 10 – 20, with 10 being too soft and 20 being too hard. The optimal scale, those that customers reveal are most comfortable for them. The ILD rate most often rated as being most comfortable is between 12 – 14, the same measure that Olee Sleep 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is found to be. It is 10 inches deep, with the 7-inch core layer being a super-dense 40lbs per square inch, whilst the 3 inches above having a density of 2lbs per square inch. What this adds up to is that ultra-comfort ILD factor of between 12 – 14 that the majority of customers who have tried this mattress consider being the most comfortable.