Oblivion – Review

Tom Cruise once again cements himself as Hollywood’s leading action hero.

Simply mind-blowing – words that are not often expressed after emerging from my local cinema after experiencing another big-budget sci-fi spectacle.

This however was the case for Tom Cruise’s new futuristic thriller, Oblivion – based in a post-apocalyptic Earth, after a war with an alien race has left the planet uninhabitable due to nuclear fallout, Jack Harper (Cruise) and his partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) have been assigned the dangerous task of protecting Earth’s remaining water supply, which is being harvested for the remaining human population now located on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Having had their memories wiped before undertaking the mission, to protect the human race’s most valuable secrets in case they are are captured by the remaining alien stragglers still hiding on Earth, Harper’s memories begin to return, and soon discovers things are not what they seem.

With twist after twist ensuing, Oblivion promises to leave you speechless with its non-stop action and special effects, mixed with an incredible story and top performances, that has you praying for a sequel.