The latest climate-based blockbuster to hit movie screens, Into the Storm, is a special-effects bonanza that is designed to have you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Starring The Hobbit‘s, Richard Armitage, Into the Storm is the explosive summer blockbuster that follows two groups of people as what can only be described as, the storm of the century, bears down on the small unsuspecting US town of Silverton.

Hollywood’s latest extreme weather blockbuster, Into the Storm (2014).

As Gary (Armitage), Principle of Silverton high school, prepares for the schools annual graduation ceremony along with his two sons, a team of filmmakers and meteorologists chase a powerful storm system towards the town, and when their paths cross, as the town around them is ripped apart, they must quickly learn to rely on one another if they’re to survive.

Richard Armitage leads the cast of Into the Storm (2014).

Into The Storm is an entertaining film with powerful special effects that throw you straight into the action. Unfortunately though, the film lacks almost any significant story and we the audience only get the opportunity to scratch the surface of these characters backgrounds, making it almost impossible to connect with them on any emotional level.

Perhaps when creating a film about twisters, screenwriter John Swetnam should have studied the work of Jan De Bont, the visionary writer and director behind Twister(1997), in order to really bring his characters to life.

The movie is still worth a watch for the mind-blowing special effects, and if don’t go in expecting any concrete story arch or emotional connection to the characters, you should come out with little, if any, disappointment.