Edge of Tomorrow – Review

Arguably the world’s biggest movie star, Tom Cruise, seems to be making a name for himself of late with a series of critically-acclaimed sci-fi blockbusters – and his latest movie, Edge of Tomorrow (2014), looks set to cement him as a science-fiction icon.

Hot off the back of 2013′s box-office success, Oblivion, Cruise teams up this time with Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity and Mr and Mrs Smith, for the explosive new blockbuster, Edge of Tomorrow.

After Earth is invaded by an organic alien race, capable of controlling time to predict Mankind’s every move on the battlefield, Major Cage (Cruise) finds himself repeating the same day of battle over and over again after killing one of the aliens.

Unsure of what’s happening and why, Cage soon finds an ally in Rita (Emily Blunt), a renowned Special Forces soldier and poster-child for the war, who knows more about what’s happening to Cage then first meets the eye.

With her guidance and training, and the ability to restart the day every time he dies, Cage must learn to develop and hone his knowledge and skills into the perfect killing machine, if he and Rita are going to find a way of killing the alien species before they can destroy Mankind.

Edge of Tomorrow is an almost perfect infusion of character-driven drama, edge of your seat action, and a fresh new storyline that keeps you guessing throughout, and with a fantastic supporting cast, including Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson, audiences will almost definitely be flocking back to cinemas to see this one!