Django Unchained – Review

Tarantino breaths new life into the classic Western.

As an Academy Award-winning director, Quentin Tarantino is notorious for his gritty, violent, and blood-thirsty films that make him one of the most recognizable auteurs of the modern era – and his latest spectacle offers no doubt that he is truly one of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers.

Tarantino is no stranger when it comes to exploring difficult and, in the case of Django Unchained, sensitive subjects that may be avoided entirely by the vast majority of filmmakers.

Set during the slave era in the United States, bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) tracks down and subsequently sets free a slave known as Django (Jamie Foxx), who knows the identity and location of Dr. Schultz next bounty.

After feeling some responsibility for Django’s post-slavery future, Dr. Schultz offers to take him on as his deputy and sets about training him and passing on his wisdom and experience. As the unlikely duo’s path unravels, Django finds himself presented with the opportunity to free his wife, who is being held in slavery by the ruthless and unforgiving plantation owner, Calvin Candle (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Django Unchained is a visually stunning, modern classic, that breaths new life into the Western genre – accompanied by an academy-award winning script and an all-star cast, including Samuel L. Jacksonand Kerry WashingtonDjango Unchained delivers on every level and promises to be a movie event that is an absolute must-see!