Devil’s Due – Review

Devil’s Due (2013), the latest horror release that combines Paranormal Activity with The Devil Inside.

We’ve all become accustomed these days to another demonic horror that steals ideas from classics such as The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Paranormal Activity (2007).

The home-video style shooting with hidden camera’s around the house that capture all the events as they unfold – unfortunately though for Devil’s Due, it seemed to lack any originality of its own.

This horror follows a newlywed couple who return from their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic with an unexpected addiction to their new family.

Pregnant and excited to begin their new life, little do they know that the unborn baby is not theirs, and over time as they baby grows, it becomes apparently clear that this baby may be that of the Devil’s. This truly does become the pregnancy from hell as these two battle unknown enemies, content with bringing this evil child into the world.

With the odd ‘jump out of your seat moment’ and some twists that can be seen coming from a mile away, Devil’s Due is a disappointing addition to the horror genre that provides little scares and even less resolution on exactly ‘why’ it all happened in the first place.