How to Choosing a Tub Transfer Chair for the Bathroom

For many of us, the daily task of taking a bath or shower is one that is done quite easily and without much preparation. Yet for people who have limited mobility or physical disabilities, this task becomes difficult and frustrating. Fortunately, a tub transfer chair is a functional device that has helped many people, most notably the elderly and those with disabilities, to have more independence and freedom when showering or bathing. These chairs are designed to transfer an individual into the tub or shower while keeping them safe, secure and stable. Not only can they be used by individuals, but they are helpful for caregivers who help patients shower on a regular basis. These devices also reduce bathroom accidents, ensure safety for elders and help patients to maintain their independence.Tub Transfer Chair for the Bathroom

Before purchasing a bathtub transfer bench, decide which type of seating will be adequate. There are many styles to choose from including non-sliding, sliding and swivel varieties. Many people opt for the sliding models since they are user-friendly and comfortable to use. The swivel models also have many advantages because they turn 90 degrees to make maneuvering while bathing a simpler task. Besides the style of the chair, also consider the special needs of the patient. If the individual has an incontinence issue, choosing a seat that has a center cut-out will prove beneficial, as this hole will allow room for the patient to relieve his/herself without having to exit the tub.

Another feature to consider is how the tub transfer chair will be stored when not in use. You want to keep the device handy and near the bathtub at all times, yet still be out of the way so that it does not become a hazard. Some benches can be mounted onto the shower wall so that they will be there at the start of each shower. If this will cause it to be difficult to maneuver however, there are other variations to consider as well. With their lightweight frames, many patients opt for transfer seats that are a foldable or knock-down style. Others can simply be left in the shower with the ability to slide in and out as necessary.

Finally, bathroom tub chairs for elderly individuals are meant to be functional and compatible with all lifestyles. Be sure the model you select holds the proper weight, most supporting between 250 and 300 pounds maximum. Look for those that have adjustable seats. Most allow five different levels of height in one-inch increments. The seating should also have non-skid rubber feet for stability, as well as a durable, contoured seat with built-in drainage holes. Most models are made from plastic materials that are easy to care for, rust resistant and white in color.

With all the benefits of owning a tub transfer bench, it is no wonder why so many patients and caregivers are choosing one for their own home. Not only do these useful devices help to avoid accidents, but they offer elders and those with disabilities a more independent lifestyle. The wide selection available also makes it easy to choose seating that is attractive in style and design.

An Antique Tub Chair Add a Classic Touch to Any Room

Are you fond of tub chairs? Maybe you have a couple of these in your house already; they are a popular choice due to their longevity in furniture design. Are you ready to consider buying an authentic, antique tub chair to add to your previous collection? Tub seats are quite popular all over the world because of their shape, which provides maximum support to the occupant. Most of these items come with not only hand and armrests, but also a headrest that makes them extremely comfortable. If your job is sedentary, and you’re required to sit in one place for extended periods of time, then this quality can be particularly helpful. However, apart from functionality, antique tub chairs also lend a classical touch to your living or work space.

Those antique brown leather tub chairs, which are compact in size, are usually meant to be portable, so you can position them as you require. The naturally curved lines of these chairs help in blending with the lines of the wall in the room. Due to this unique quality, they seldom look out of place. Using double tub chairs has become a trend in the households today since the attractive symmetry enhances the appeal of the living room, and helps to frame other pieces of furniture handsomely. Normally, dark colored furniture goes well with light colored interiors. This creates a contrast that augments the style quotient of the room.

  1. There are many varieties available in antique tub chairs. The Victorian tub chair and the Edwardian are two of the most popular designs, although people also like to purchase the French antique piece. This item can also be used in the library since it provides maximum support to the hands and head and is very comfortable for reading. Some leather and mahogany wood pieces are quite famous. These are elegant, durable, and also easy to maintain. They can be obtained in different colors including brown, yellow, red and white depending on the materials used by their designer. Some of them have legs that are turned inward; others have curved legs, while there are still others having the facility to swivel.

The furniture is available in different sizes as well. The depth of the swivel tub chairs varies according to the size. For example, the Edwardian piece has more depth than the other ones. The French items typically have feathered cushions to add to the comfort of the occupant. Most of these are upholstered except the historic art and crafts item. This antique piece of furniture belonging to the 19th century is made of mahogany and has intricate designs on it. If you like low furniture pieces adorning your living or dining area you can also take a look at the serpentine and the club varieties. However, do shop around and compare the prices properly before purchasing. The price of an antique tub chair usually ranges anywhere from $120 to $3250 depending on the style, material, finish and of course, the period to which it belongs. They are wonderful pieces of historic comfort that could add their elegance and style to your beautifully furnished home.

Safety & Convenience of a Bathtub Chair

People with physical challenges can use a bathtub chair to allow for a more convenient shower. This is a way to give the person an improved lifestyle, improved health, and a way for them to keep their independence. By using this type of chair the person is able to bathe him/herself without the fear of slipping and falling in the shower. The person also has the comfort of knowing that they will not be stuck in the shower because they do not have the ability to pull themselves out. These are also used by caregivers in order to allow for a more convenient shower when bathing their patients.Safety & Convenience of a Bathtub Chair

Every bathtub seat should feature a non-slip bottom. Most also include at least one sturdy handle that can be gripped for additional stability. There are some seats available with even more features that allow people with greater needs to shower safely as well.

A convenient feature that some chairs offer is a sliding seat. This sliding tub seat allows the person to be firmly seated on the chair, even when they are on the outside of the bathtub. The seat then slides into the showering area. This is a convenient feature for any person but is especially helpful for the caregiver who is responsible for bathing another person who may have limited mobility.

Another feature that can be found in a bathtub chair is that they can be customized to hold a very heavy person. This type of chair is specially designed to allow for more proper cleaning of a larger person.

A reclining bath chair is also available to fit the needs of people who can not sit up by themselves and need some additional back support. This type of seat is able to recline anywhere from 45 to 90 degrees. Most of these seats also have a safety belt in order to firmly secure the person that is using it.

One tip when considering the overall safety of an individual with physical weakness or other physical needs, would be to make sure that you also have built-in rails and hand grips inside and outside of the shower. These rails provide comfort and stability whenever the person feels they need to use them. By having an outside rail, the person is able to hold onto it while entering the shower, therefore reducing the chance of injury through slipping and falling.

This type of shower equipment allows people the freedom to be able to shower when and how they want. Without them, some people would have no choice but to take a sponge bath because they are physically unable to tackle the challenges of a shower by themselves. Whether this type of seat is used by the caregiver or the person themselves, it allows for a convenient and independent lifestyle.   Safety is very important and this type of shower equipment allows a very safe showering environment for the person in need. Bathroom safety is also important for the very young and the baby tub chair is an item that every parent should consider for their little one.

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Choosing a Baby Tub Chair

Bath time with an infant or toddler should not be a stressful experience for a parent or child. Safety is the priority, but it is also an important bonding time, so take the time to make sure that you have the proper environment to ensure success.

When an infant is able to sit up on his own, it is time to move from an infant bathtub into a regular tub. It is important to make the child feel both safe and secure in this new setting. Many parents achieve this by purchasing a baby tub chair. These are designed to assist the baby in remaining in a seated position while allowing the parent to use both hands to bathe the child.

There are a variety of models available. Some affix via suction cups, and typically offer a structured non-slip seat which is generally surrounded by a ring-like structure to hold the child upright. Many look similar to an activity seat, with toys to hold the baby’s attention to help minimize fidgeting. Other models have a similar configuration but affix to the side of the bathtub. In addition to these, there are models that are inflatable which are used, in essence, to cushion the child and keep them feeling securely contained. These are nice for allowing the child to lie back against the side when washing hair.

When choosing a baby bathtub chair for your bathroom, be sure to understand exactly how it is held in place. Many of the models that rely on suction cups cannot be affixed securely to some non-slip surfaces. For types that are secured by grasping the side, you must be sure that the dimensions will work for your home. For any model, take time to see how the child is placed in and taken out of the unit. Some have mechanisms that allow the seat to open easily, while others do not. When dealing with a wet infant, this can be a key safety factor. Check the size, as certain models are more properly designated as a toddler bath seat and may not work as well for a smaller six-month-old.

Regardless of the style selected, a baby bath chair must be used cautiously. First and foremost, a child must never be left unattended for any length of time, even when secured within a seat. For this very reason, be sure to have every necessity at your fingertips before starting. Many parents find it convenient to put shampoo, soap and wash clothes in a basket that can easily be set next to the tub during bathing. The right baby tub chair can make the bathing experience simpler and safer for both the infant and yourself.