The Differences Between Web Design & Web Development

The Differences Between Web Design & Web Development – While web design and web development might seem similar by name, they are different in a number of ways. The best web design companies in the world can tell you the same. Not only is the work for both titles different, but they serve unique purposes in the long run. When it comes to the comparisons that can be made between web design and web development, the following information should be nothing short of insightful.

If you want to know what a web designer does, it might be most appropriate to compare them to an architect. Essentially, a designer pieces together what a website should look, not unlike the blueprints of a building or office. They are able to draw up what they have in mind, as far as a website is concerned, before it’s sent out to be created. This is a general definition but what you have to know is that a designer is largely involved in the preliminary process.

A web developer, on the other hand, is the one that gets their hands dirty. Simply put, he or she is able to put a preexisting plan into motion, which eventually creates a website that can be accessed. Their knowledge of HTML, CSS, and the like is nothing short of diverse, which is a truth that can also be applied to the top web design company in your region. Simply put, a designer is able to focus on the planning process, whereas a developer is skilled in putting all the pieces together – The Differences Between Web Design & Web Development.

Which one is more worth hiring: a web designer or a web developer? While both specialists have their skills, it’s important to look at your own situation first. After all, you might only require an idea of where to take your website-related efforts. However, there are others that might need more in the way of full service. Business owners aren’t limited in terms of options, though, as companies the likes of Lounge Lizard can attest.

It’s easy to see why people mistake web design & web development for being the same service. After all, they are involved with the creation of websites that people visit on a regular basis. However, as you have learned from the details covered earlier, they are quite different from one another in various ways. The more that you know about these services, especially when compared to one another, the better your understanding of this industry will be. The Differences Between Web Design & Web Development.